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Justin 2000mAh Power Bank with 12 volt adapter review

Justin 2000mAh Portable Power Bank with 12V AdapterThe Justin 2000mAh Power Bank with 12 volt adapter is one of those products you’re going to mostly find in the real world at retail outlets (Kohls, Target, Belk, etc.), although you can get this one online from one of the real world stores for more than the MSRP.

It’s a 2000mAh power bank with two USB ports for charging most small devices, and it can be recharged either via a micro USB cable or by plugging it into a car’s 12 volt adapter. The manufacturer also make a similar one you may be looking at called the 3-in-one that includes a wall outlet adapter, but that’s not what I played with.

The Justin 2000mAh Power Banks is ideally suited for the people who realize they forget to charge their phone a lot, or need topping off while out in the world. The power bank’s capacity means that you’re probably not going to completely recharge a modern phone from dead to 100%using the battery by itself, although you can start charging using the battery in conjunction with your car’s power ports (cigarette lighters for the old folks), and keep charging when you exit the vehicle.

The Justin 2000mAh Portable Power Bank also has a top-limit of 1.5amp draw. This means one device can pull 1.5amps, or two devices connected can get 750mA each, or about 75% of full charging power. Charging more than one device is going to take longer. It may also have some issues with charging tablets, but your tablet may vary.

The device looks like it’s designed to just hang out in a car charging as you go, ready whenever the time comes, but they don’t list operating temperatures on the box and I didn’t see any in the instructions, so you might want to remove it from a vehicle on hot days. Also, if you’ve got a vehicle where the power ports never turn off, you might drain your car battery eventually. I have no car-power drain testing equipment to speak of.

It survived a few 91+ days in Nashville in a Honda Element, but I can’t speak for the upper limit or people who live where you think 91 is downright chilly.

Justin 2000mAh Portable Power Bank with 12V Adapter

The 12 volt adapter plug folds up for easy carrying, so you can go from car to office without ever unplugging your phone.


  • Price: $29.90 MSRP
  • Portable / pocketable
  • Designed for most use scenarios


  • 2000mAh capacity is only good for one fullish charge most devices
  • USB/Lightning charging cables not built in – you’ll need to carry
  • 1.5amp max means devices that require 2+ may not charge

Justin 2000mAh Portable Power Bank with 12V Adapter


While there is no charger out there that means my perfect for everything charger criteria, this charges in two different ways, can charge two devices, and seems to be aimed at a particular demographic (drivers, don’t need to charge everyone but may want to help out a friend, want a battery that can be charged on the go).

A reasonable MSRP and what feels like a reasonable quality build put this in the category of I’m having problems finding out what to complain about on it.

The Justin 2000mAh Power Bank with 12 volt adapter is available in many retail outlets for $29.99. If you can’t wait, it’s available at Kohl’s website for $7 more.

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