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MassStashed kernels bring performance to Sprint HTC One M8s

A cog, since an engine doesn't quite convey the kernel visuallyMassStashed is a set of two Sense-based kernels, Stockish and FlarPort, for the Sprint HTC One M8s only that bring about the usual extra features and speed. I’ll be writing about the FlarPort, as that’s what I am running.

I’m going to preface this with one of the kernels is named Flar-Port in the graphics, FlarPort in the text, and Flar2-Port in the subject, I’m going with FlarPort.

As we’ve done a lot of kernel reviews, I’ll cut to the chase and say that the FlarPort with minimal tweaking during install gave me a 20% boost from a stock kernel I was using. Now, I was running a particularly underperforming stock kernel to begin with, but I’m currently beating the best scores I’ve ever run on the M8 so there’s that.

This is also the first flashable I think I’ve used on the M8 that had an Aroma installer that worked properly (no more guessing where you’re tapping or are at with the volume buttons). So it’s got that going for it as well.

There are bells and whistles: sweep to sleep, over and underclocking, stereo call recording (did not know HD voice supported that… that or this is a joke and it’s too early for me to figure that out), you can disable fsync and the magnetic cover, USB fastcharge ability, NTFS/exFAT/CIFS support, and a few others that I haven’t run across.

Disabling fsync speeds up file operations, but can cause file system corruption if there’s a power loss/system reboot.

There’s also DriveDroid support, which according to what I can find allows you to host an ISO/IMG on your phone and boot a PC off of it. I didn’t recall that needed a special kernel module to operate, but it’s listed in the feature list.

And finally (on what I’m covering), LZ4 compression for faster boot. I’ll point out I didn’t notice a faster boot, but then again I wasn’t running completely stock to begin with.

As with any root flashable, make sure to make a nandroid backup. If this kernel doesn’t play nice you’ll need to either restore your backup or flash another kernel (you could choose Stockish if you want).

One thing to also note, when I installed this kernel, post aroma install the phone shut off and would not power back on. I had to hold power and vol up for ~12 seconds. My guess is that it’s something with my recovery interacting with the Aroma installer and not anything to do with the kernel, but just thought I would mention that if your phone goes odd, unplug the USB, power+vol-up, you’re golden.

Downloads for the MassStashed FlarPort and Stockish can be found below. The FlarPort is definately worth taking a look at.

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