Rumor: The Nexus 6 (aka Nexus X) will be released at the end of October with a 2K screen

motorola-new-logo3If the latest Nexus rumors are to be believed, what many have been calling the Nexus 6 will be released around the end of October, close to Halloween, and will be called the Nexus X. (At the very least, Motorola has apparently been calling it the Nexus X internally.)

Like the Nexus 5, the handset is said to have a “secret launch” without much fanfare from either Google or Motorola, and only those lucky enough to be invited to the launch will know anything official about the device beforehand.

The Nexus X will reportedly be based on the Moto S, which has a 2K resolution on a 5.9-inch screen (that just sounds amazing). It will supposedly also feature a Snapdragon 805 clocked at 2.7GHzm a 13MP back camera and a 2.1MP front camera, with optical image stabilization.

So why won’t it be called the Nexus 6?

Supposedly, the family of science fiction legend Philip K. Dick has been threatening to file a lawsuit against Google ever since the Nexus line began for trademark infringement. Apparently, the androids in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? were called model Nexus-6, so using “Nexus 6” as the name of a phone might just cross the line.

Of course, there’s still a couple months for more leaks about this fabled device, so hopefully we’ll know more very soon. In the meantime, who is planning on picking one of these up?

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