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Screenshots of Google Voice integration into Hangouts (finally)

Google Voice integration 1

We’ve known this day was coming, and if we were to believe Google at the 2013 I/O conference, it should have already gotten here. But late is better than never, I suppose. As the sleuths over at Android Police and Android Central discovered early this morning, Google Voice integration is finally starting to roll out in Hangouts on Android and the desktop.

Paul first reported on this minutes ago, and while information is hard to come by, here’s what we know:

  • There are no app updates that go along with this integration, but instead Google seems to be enabling this on an account level for each user. To find out if it’s available to you yet, simply open up Hangouts on your Android device, and see if you get the above popup in your conversation list.
  • If you do, navigating to Google Voice on the web will get you a message stating:

You are now receiving SMS and Voicemail in Hangouts. You can still access your old messages in this app.

Google Voice integration 3

  • New messages will no longer appear in Google Voice on the web, but in Hangouts on Android or the desktop. The Google Voice Chrome extension will still be able to send SMS, but will not receive them anymore.
  • A Google Voice message appearing in Hangouts will appear with the “via GV” line underneath to let you know where the message was sent. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like users can select which number to send a message from yet, although that feature will probably roll out soon.

Google Voice integration 2

As of publication, this feature is not available for me or Paul yet, but we’ll be checking our phones all day. Let us know if it shows up for you.

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