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TWRP 2.8 released for most supported devices

TWRP Win’s Recovery Project (TWRP for short) has been updated recently with a host of new abilities, but without much fanfare (at least on the devices I follow).

The new version brings MTP support to recovery – that’s the Media Transfer Protocol you generally are presented with when you plug your running Android device into a computer.

It also adds some command line features, so you can execute some common actions via adb rather than having to choose on the screen. This makes writing a batch installer pretty easy, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Backup and restore progress is now based on file sizes rather than which file you’re at in a backup or restore operation, so you should see a more smooth and reasonable display of where you’re at.

There were some theming changes that allow for variables and using images on sliders. New screen resolution support, and it also appears that rumors of a screen shot function are true, but not documented. Pressing power and vol down appears to do a screenshot, but I don’t see where it’s saving it (fortunately Dropbox media scanner found it for me).

There are options for vibration as the recovery has haptic feedback now. I’m uncertain if it did before and I disabled it or not, but I don’t recall it ever vibrating like crazy like it did on this install.

There appear to be plenty of other minor changes, however I’m not seeing documented what version some of them appeared in, so I’ll just say seems to have a lot of new and interesting stuff to play with that 2.7 didn’t.

It’ll be interesting to dive into some of these command line options when I can find out what they are.

TWRP 2.8 is downloadable now for most of the supported device tree from Team Win’s website. Let us know if you run into any issues with it or you find a stash of documentation on the command line options.

Happy flashing!

[Team Win]
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