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Vox Remover allows removing bloat with a flash

Bugdroid SkeletonDo you find yourself flashing a lot of ROMs and then turning around and uninstalling a series of the same applications that you don’t want again and again? Vox Remover will do that for you automatically.

Let’s say you have no need and never will for Exchange email, Sound Recorder, or the CyanogenMod wallpapers, and yet every time you flash you end up with these. You can simply create a list of apps you don’t want, store it in the same directory as Vox Remover, and flash immediately after flashing a ROM.

The result will be a brand spanking new install of a ROM without all the stuff that to you is bloat or not needed, and a ROM that goes some small measure faster due to an app or two being removed from the mix.

You can go from what you considered bloated right down to bare bones Android if you want. Do be aware that not everything is bloat though and disabling a vital system resource could end you up with an unbootable install.

If you’re using a custom recovery that supports it (you are in this day and age, trust me,) you can chain that to the end of the list of files to flash. Set it and forget it.

Flash your ROM, your GApps, and Vox Remover and boot to a ROM that doesn’t have stuff you don’t want.

You can maintain the list of removable apps in a text file in the same directory as the VOX Remover flashable so that the next ROM you’re flashing will have nothing that you removed from the previous ROMs.

It’s pretty cool. I don’t know if the effects will be worth the time to maintain the list and flash the text file as the time each app takes to be processed for the Dalvik or ART runtime caches is pretty low, but each app does take battery time in some fashion – be that to read through the cache, launch at startup, simply existing and being scanned by other applications such as malware scanners, or be read by a launcher to find the right icon.

Vox Remover is a free tool that you can get from the source link below.

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