Aukey Luna Wireless Charging Pad review

It’s tempting for me to say that the Aukey Luna Wireless Charging Pad is the best I’ve encountered so far and tell you to quit reading and just buy one, but we’ll go ahead and do the review.

Aukey Luna Wireless Charging PadThe Aukey Luna Wireless Charging Pad is a perfect disc that positions and charges most Qi standard devices without you having to move  them around to find the sweet spot. On anything I’ve attempted, it just worked.

It’s a very stylish charging pad, but it’s no friend of desk space coming in at nearly seven inches wide. Besides being beautiful, it’s also a perfect target for cats who are somehow drawn to the beauty of the thing. That or it’s unavoidable on my nightstand.

The Luna Wireless Charging Pad will charge wireless devices up to 1A, although it will take in up to 2.1A. I’ve never run across a conversion loss of over 50%, so I’m a bit uncertain what the deal is with that extra 1.1amp input.

The angle of the charger allows you to charge and watch movies with the device affixed via gravity, or you can remove the legs and have it lay flat if you want to make it look like a stove top burner.

Battery Monitor Widget and the Aukey Luna Wireless Charging PadThe version I received did not have a charger or cleaning cloth with it as I recall, but I got it before it was out if I’m remembering the timeline of this correctly. An AC adapter, stand, anti static cleaning cloth, and 18 month warranty are included in the finished product.

The charger has a blue light that comes on when you’ve got a device on and charging. The blue light stays on, however it’s not particularly annoying as it’s not absurdly bright. I have this on my nightstand and only notice it when the light starts blinking, which seems to happen when there’s an issue between it and the phone (as in the phone has moved slightly out of range, the phone’s vibrator goes off and moves it, etc).

According to Battery Monitor Widget, I’m getting up to a 917mA charge off of the thing, which I find a bit hard to believe as I’ve got a supposedly 750mA limited aftermarket receiving coil. Whether or not Battery Monitor Widget is reporting correctly I will say it appears to charge as fast as a wired charger charges most of the time these days.

So, the only drawbacks I’d say there are on this device are it is a giant circle taking up seven inches wide of space, and although it’s only half an inch thick, the angle that it’s at causes it to take a couple of inches of depth making it a very large space hog.

I wouldn’t normally find a product this large particularly appealing as you only need something the size of a silver dollar to charge a phone, but something about the simplicity of the design appeals to me except when it’s laying flat, I don’t particularly care for the looks of it in horizontal charging mode.

At the moment, there do not seem to be a lot of buying options on Amazon, but my bet is in the next few days they should have some more buying options. According to the aukey website, they’re available in silver and gold, but at the moment there don’t seem to be any to buy.

The price seems a bit steep to me coming in a $99.90 MSRP, but it’s an awfully pretty product and I feel that about $30 of that is paying for how good it looks. My bet is the price will drop one it’s actually out and fully available on Amazon though.

The Aukey Luna Wireless Charger has an MSRP of $99.90 and will be available at Amazon sometime in the near future.

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