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Easily find where to vote/early vote with Google

Early Voting Google Now cardIf you’ve got early voting in your county, today or tomorrow may be the last days you can vote early before the hellish nightmare of voting day actually comes about.

There’s a new card on Google Now that popped up for me yesterday that let me know where I can early vote, and what the hours of the place are. You can also locate other early voting locations based on, I’m assuming, where Google Now thinks you live.

Alternately if you don’t use Google Now you can also simply Google “early voting” and your county and you’ll get a pretty neat popup that can locate your early voting options without ever having to leave the main search results, and your normal voting options in counties that have supplied the correct information.

Gone should be the days of going to the wrong polling location as an excuse to not vote, and now you only have that you didn’t feel like it.

So go out, do your civic duty, you’ve got 16 years worth of elections contested by a couple hundreds votes now so your excuse that your vote doesn’t matter at all has been tread into the ground, mostly by Florida, then Florida, and Florida again…. and then Florida.

Now if we can just get rid of the whole having to go waste resources to go places to wait in line to vote, we might get a more participatory democratic republic as opposed to a wall against ease that prevents slacktastic participation.

Early Voting google regular

Whatever your feelings on it, it’s nice that unrequested I was given this bit of information. Nice to see that Google is encouraging people to participate.

On a sidenote, what are the issues in your state that have completely dominated the headlines to the point that you don’t know who’s running for what? Tennessee issues/amendments could probably be summed up as “drunken raffle abortions” as three items seem to have been the extent of commercials.

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