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Google tells us to go to Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop

Google’s very well kept secret codename is now showing up on as Lollipop.

This, combined with the new stricter enforcements in SELinux, means that the operating system has a stick up its behind when it comes to security. Not a bad thing, but as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m eight.

Android Lollipop2

The features list, some of what we’ve seen in the past few months on Google’s product lineups, include:

  • Picking up searches, photos, apps, and music on one device where you left off on another
  • Intuitive touch response
  • More useful inbox on tablets
  • Adjustable settings so only certain people and notifications get through to your lockscreen
  • Battery saver feature to extend your life up to an hour and a half
  • Guest user mode
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Unlockable via a paired device (car, watch, kitten)
  • SELinux enforcement
  • Encryption by default on new devices
  • Forget your phone? Log into another Android Lollipop device and it’s yours until you get your phone back.
  • Screen pinning so another user can access just that content without messing up your stuff
  • Improved network handoff – continue video or VoIP without interruption as you leave a house and switch to a cell network
  • 64-bit device support
  • Compacting background services
  • 5.1 and 7.1 audio support
  • USB audio support
  • Screen-off OK Google on devices with DSP support
  • Color blind and low vision support
  • Tap and go: tap your new device to your old one and the new device picks up all the settings
  • Plenty more.

You can see the features list over on the official Android Lollipop page

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