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Lumsing 4-Port 4.2 Amp Travel Power Adapter review

The Lumsing 4-Port 4.2 Amp travel power adapter is an easily portable USB travel charger with fold-in prongs that’s capable of charging most devices out there.

Lumsing 4-Port 4.2 Amp Travel Power AdapterI’ve become a fan of better quality than stock chargers lately as I’ve realized how utterly poorly my wall blocks that came with various phones have been pushing power, so when something comes along that can fit in my pocket and deliver up to 4.2 amps and charge multiple devices at the same time I’m down to test it.

The first thing you’ll probably be doing the math on is exactly how much can this thing pull. That is 4.2 amps, or enough to charge four average cell phones at full tilt and have some left over. It’s not enough to charge four tablets at full tilt, but you can charge two tablets at full speed as long as nothing else needs the juice.

For the average traveler it’s probably going to do the job. If you’re traveling with a bunch of tech nerds however, it’s going to require some creative swapping. If you’re going to Disneyworld with two iPads, four phones, and a game device, it’s not going to be what you need.

2014-10-06 15.49.10Lumsing 4-Port 4.2 Amp Travel Power Adapter

For the average tech jock traveling alone however, it’ll do just fine.

Lumsing 4-Port 4.2 Amp Travel Power AdapterIt has four ports labeled Android, iPhone, iPad, iPad, and unfortunately I can’t tell if it’s important where you plug the higher-juice requiring devices (my Sony tablet does usb charge, my nook barely uses one amp, let’s just say iOS 8.0.2 has not installed quickly on the iPad 2 and leave it at me not Apple bashing in a product review).

It does, however, handle a load without heating up perceptibly, which is useful as you might be chucking it in your pocket or luggage at any point.

The case has a night rough finish that is supposedly fireproof. I don’t feel like putting that to the test.

With a reasonable price and doing most of what I’d want a travel charger to do (I’ll admit, the fact that it’s not 9.2 amps makes me twitch a bit at the loss of overkill charging,) I had to look pretty hard to find what I didn’t like about this, and that is the USB ports on the unit I got appear to be misaligned.
It made no difference in plugging in a cable, but it’s one of those things if you’re nitpicky about you notice. If you’ve got four things plugged in and do not have this in your face to take photos of, my guess is you would never notice it.

The Lumsing 4-Port 4.3 Amp Travel Power Adapter is available from Amazon for $13.99, and it’s worth it. It’s supposedly available in blue (what I have,) and orange, however when you look for the blue one on the mfg website you just end up at an Amazon link for the orange and the blue links on Amazon take you to an orange adapter.

I guess orange is the new blue.

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