Lumsing Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker review

Lumsing speaker in the rainThe Lumsing Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is a rugged Bluetooth 4.0 speaker designed for traveling along with you and bringing your music outdoors or in most situations regardless of the weather.

The speaker is rated to IP64, which means it’s totally protected from dust ingress, and can survive rain and dampness, although you shouldn’t expect it to survive if you give it a bath or run a hose on it.

The Lumsing Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker packs a 1000mAh rechargeable (via included USB cable,) battery, claims a life of about eight hours depending on volume and type of music, can push up to 4W, and can achieve over 10 meter transmission as long as your Bluetooth 4.0 device can handle it. It’s also a speakerphone.

It should be noted this is Bluetooth 4.0 only, older devices may not support it. Check to see if yours does.

Lumsing Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker specs

  • Power:4W(RMS)
  • Battery capacity:3.7V/1000mAh
  • Loudspeaker: 2-3Ω
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥70dB
  • Working hours: ≈8h
  • Size: W80×H81×D83mm
  • Bluetooth transmission distance: ≥10m
  • Distortion: ≤0.5%@1W
  • Frequency response: 100Hz~20KHz
  • Charging voltage: DC5V,≥500mA
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0
  • Warranty: one year

What’s in the box

  • Manual
  • Frequent buyer power user program advert
  • USB->MicroUSB cable
  • 3.5mm headphone cable

Lumsing Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Speakers in use

Unfortunately due to time constraints on this review, it’s not getting a proper battery life test, but I put it through as much as I could.

Like many Bluetooth devices there’s a guided voice assist telling you the Bluetooth is there and connectable, unlike other devices you just connect, no need to put the speaker into a find-me mode. Also unlike most other speakers there seem to be two voices – one for the announcement that it’s in a pairing state, and another that it’s connected. You won’t notice it after first pairing most likely, but it was worthy of note.

The power button sits underneath the speaker, and there are four additional buttons on the front of the speaker which control play/pause, volume, and the phone function. In use I’ve actively bumped the ones on the face of the product, but not the power button. If you’re tossing the speaker around, you might find yourself skipping tracks rather frequently.

The bass seems to be a bit clipped, which seems common with smaller speakers so no surprise there. It’s hard to fake a woofer in a tweeter’s body, but it does as good a job as any in this size that I’ve found. The top end seems fine.

The volume is where this really shines. It’s loud. It’s the type of loud that annoys campsites near you. It’s the type of loud that leaves you scrambling for the power button to shut it down in an office building as you’re blasting out Moon Sammy because you bumped the play button while repositioning the speaker to take some photos.

The body is made of that rubbery easy-grip stuff that supposedly is very easy to clean, especially on a speaker that you can get wet.


The carabiner just doesn’t quite feel right. I have no words to describe this feeling. It works, that should be all that matters, but it feels like it belongs on a different product from the speaker. I wasn’t able to break or bend it so perhaps this is just an aesthetic concern of someone looking for anything wrong with a product in a short amount of time.

The “waterproof” word on their online Amazon store, which we included in the title and giveaway , isn’t technically accurate. IP64 is water resistant, not waterproof (IP68.) There are no claims of waterproofing anywhere I can find except in the title on the Amazon store. Don’t take a bath with this speaker. IP64 is sufficient for showers, getting rained on, etc. My guess is this either is a translation error or someone in charge of the store doesn’t know the difference between proof and resistant.


Good, loud, and tough speaker, bass a little less than I want, can’t use as a submerged speaker, but otherwise a good little product for active use.

The Lumsing Portable Waterproof Speaker is available from Amazon for $39.99.

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