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Sprint HTC One M8 4.4.4 ROMs start rolling out

TWRP started pushing the OTA to Android 4.4.4 and the Eye Experience a couple of days back, and many people have been anxiously awaiting developers releasing Sense based Android 4.4.4 versions of their ROMs for various reasons.

One of the most compelling reasons for many users was the fixing of the horribly broken WiFi calling. Enabling WiFi calling disabled the GPS, which meant that you were pretty much out of luck if you needed to use it for anything as it would always report you about where you were when you connected to the WiFi access point.

On a side note, I do wonder what happened to people who had connected to a WiFi and used it as their phone connection and then later had to call emergency services.

Other updates in Sprint Sense 4.4.4 update are the Eye Experience camera mods. More things that take advantage of the Imagesense processing capabilities that largely get overlooked in the AOSP world (mostly because of the proprietary nature of the chipset and HTC not really embracing developers.) Multiple face tracking and real time image processing using chip hardware as opposed to processor. Real time makeup. All sorts of nifty little tidbits.

There are two advertised 4.4.4 ROMs I can find right now, and these are the InsertKoin 5.0.2 ROM, which is a Sense based ROM (you’ll need to look near the end to see some of the download links for 4.4.4 test releases,) and the Google Play Edition version of 4.4.4 which doesn’t contain any of the Sprint enhancements.

Several developers are scrambling to get the bugs worked out and apply their own brand of enhancements, but with the way things go there’s always one change that breaks five things, so we might be waiting another day or two for our favorite or current ROM to get their stuff fixed.

But as for right now, doesn’t appear there’s a non-buggy aftermarket highly modified 4.4.4 ROM available.

If you know of a solid 4.4.4 release, drop us a line.

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