Tylt Syncable Duo review

The Tylt Syncable Duo can be an Android Micro-USB or Apple Lightning sync cable with the attachment of an adapter that’s securely connected to the cable by a thick tough rubber loop. There’s no more need to carry multiple cables if you’re dealing with Android and iPhone devices on a regular basis.

Tylt Syncable DuoThe Tylt Syncable Duo takes everything I like about the one-cable design and combines it with my short wishlist from the last Android/Apple cable I reviewed (an adapter that can’t get separated from the cable). I’ll point out here that that cable was less expensive, but also less pocketable.

Coming in at about a foot in length the Syncable Duo is designed as a pocketable travel cable. It’s probably not something you particularly are going to run out and invest in if you’re not dealing with carrying your equipment with you or working with other people/devices at a moment’s notice.

Having a charge/sync cable for anybody in your pocket can be a handy little tool outside the IT sphere, but I feel that it’s probably more a product that’s going to be in your tech friend’s arsenal (you know that guy… the MacGuyver of chargers and misc cables,) rather than in most people’s Christmas stockings.

The cable itself does what you need it to do – charge or sync Android or newer Apple devices (man I wish they made a Syncable Trio, I’d be all over that with my iPad 2,) and it’s pretty sturdy and takes to pockets well without gripping or lint collecting (although it would have been nice to see some USB/lightning end caps.) Without some cutting instrument I doubt you’ll ever lose the adapter for it to go from an Android to an Apple cable.

Tylt Syncable Duo

The version I have is 30cm, they make larger and longer versions it appears, but the price point is pretty high for the ones you wouldn’t normally be carrying around with you.


Tylt Syncable DuoThe Tylt Syncable Duo is available from the manufacturer for $24.99. or you can grab it on Amazon for slightly more. It’s about twice what I’d expect to pay for a good sturdy pocket lightning cable per foot, but then again it works with more than a standard lightning cable does, and we can hope that the price drops after it’s been out for a bit as it’s pretty pricey per foot.

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