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New Google Calendar APK now available for download

Google CalendarWhile you probably still won’t find the Android Lollipop version of Google Calendar available in the Play Store, you can install it on any 4.0.3 or higher device right now. (John covered Google Calendar on Lollipop earlier in the week if you’re interested in what it does.)

Android Police posted a link to download the new calendar, and after playing around with it for a little bit I can say it’s a vast improvement over the stock calendar I’ve been using.

It hasn’t sifted through my Gmail yet to find some flights and reservations I’ve gotten, but that is one of the features it’s supposed to have. I’m hoping that this either just has not happened yet or that it’s a going-forward sort of thing.

While there’s not a terribly huge amount on my calendar at the moment, the new calendar enabled me to quickly and hopefully permanently delete tens of duplicated yearly events in a very short timeframe. The new design just works.

It doesn’t appear that you require root to use this. The application is signed, safe to download, works. You might have some issues on rooted devices that have unsigned modified versions of Google’s older calendar apps, but that shouldn’t present a problem to most rooted folk.

Google CalendarGoogle CalendarGoogle CalendarGoogle Calendar

Google CalendarInstallation is a breeze, just download the signed APK, install, bam. You’re up and running the most intuitive calendar application I’ve ever had the pleasure to play with.

If you’re a little wary of downloading an APK from an unknown source, here’s a little method you might want to be aware of. Install the old Google Calendar from Google Play. This will install a signed authenticated Google Calendar on your system. Next download and install the updated APK Android Police is linking to below. If the signature doesn’t match or it’s unsigned, you’ll get an install error.

As I understand it, it would take roughly a [long time phrase here] to break an APK signature. More than a few weeks, less than the entire history of the universe. But somewhere in between.

So you should be safe.

[Android Police]
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