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Lollipop GPE ROMs now available for the HTC One M8

LollipopIf you’re a rooted HTC One M8 owner here’s some fun news for you. Over the weekend developers have been working on all the platforms that the HTC One M8 is supported on to port over the Google Play Edition Android Lollipop 5.0 firmware.

It appears there are GSM and CDMA versions available, although how well any of them work is really up to the testers to report.

Android Lollipop brings a host of new features to the table, although the Google Play Edition sacrifices the Imagesense camera and chipset interface, so you’re dropping down a bit on what a relatively low resolution camera can do.

As it’s the very early days of this, and I’ve got a wicked cold and attempting to dig through 10,000 posts for a link isn’t working for me today, we’re just going to leave it that in every GPE development thread I’ve seen, near the end there’s a link to someone’s 5.0 version if you’re feeling like taking the GPE leap to Android 5.

At least on the Sprint editions you’ll need to make sure your firmware is to a certain level, and S-ON users seem to be having some issues getting things to flash, but that’s fairly par for the course.

I do not know when Android 5 will officially drop for the originally purchased GPE devices, but chances are pretty soon.

It should be noted that the Android 5 sources for the One M8 kernels have not been released, so chances are good there are going to be no aftermarket kernels for a little while.

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