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What awesome tech deals did you get this weekend?

moneyThe Thanksgiving weekend is finally over, which means the holiday shopping season is now in full swing. The best time for tech bargains, however, was between Thanksgiving Day (now called “Grey Thursday” … seriously), Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

Personally, I picked up a few goodies that I’m really looking forward to playing with. These include:

  • The 32GB Google Nexus 6 by Motorola from T-Mobile for $601. This represented a savings of $48. (I ended up cancelling my previous order for the 64GB version – it was still backordered, even though I ordered it on T-Mobile’s own release day of November 19. No one could tell me when it would finally ship, but the 32GB version seems to be more readily available. Right now, it’s still processing, and it hasn’t entered “backordered” status yet, so I have hope it will come soon.)
  • The LG G Watch for $79 from Groupon. This was a savings of $150 off the normal asking price of $229. Unfortunately, Groupon says this probably won’t arrive until after Christmas, but with a price that low, I’ll wait.
  • The HTC RE camera for $95 from Best Buy – this also represented a savings of $105 off the normal asking price of $200. I was able to pick that up in store yesterday, making it the only purchase I actually have in hand right now.

In any case, I’m happy with my savings – I got two of my items at over 50% off, and I got a Nexus 6 at a discount, which is practically impossible these days, especially given the current inventory constraints. Combined with my HTC Nexus 9 for $199, which I got the day after it was released through the HTC Hot Deals site, I feel like I’ve made out like a bandit the past few weeks.

But I’m not here to brag (although I’m doing that a little). I want to know about what kind of deals you were able to get this weekend. Let us know in the comments below, where you can brag to the entire internet!

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