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Nope: Dalvik-compatible Android 5.0.1 GPE for the Sprint HTC One M8 released

HTC One M8 Google Play Edition

Update: OP I based this on had new version number and old features list, as such this article not correct except for the link to the ROM.

Update #2: As stated in the comments section, I misread the original post. My apologies to those involved. I reported on something that required great leaps to put together as incorrectly as I did, and then when I responded I was in a rush and sound rather like an ass, which although I probably am, it wasn’t my intent. The ROM and developer in no way attempted to pass off a Dalvik-compatible 5.0.1 ROM. I’m not claiming they did. The only reason I’m leaving this up as that it’s linked and as an appology.

If you bypassed the Google Play Edition ROMs previously because they didn’t have the Sense camera (they do,) and then skipped switching to them because they didn’t support Dalvik/Xposed, well today’s your lucky day.

A developer by the handle Captain_Throwback, who you invariably mention if you’re talking EVO or M8 ROMs, has released a Sprintified Android 5.0.1 Google Play Edition port with Dalvik compatibility.

This means all the neat things you could do in Android 4.4.4 by modifying the cache on the fly with the Xposed Framework, which you couldn’t do in Android 5+ due to a different cache, you can now do again.

It’s pretty early on in this to tell whether the switch from ART runtime to Dalvik will make any difference whatsoever, but it’s a useful patch for while the Xposed developer deals with the intricacies of the finally-finalized ART runtime.

It should be noted that this is a port of a GSM ROM with Sprint goodies thrown on, and as such you’re unable to update the PRL. If you need to update the PRL for any reason, you’ll need to do this via a Sense ROM, which you can nandroid, flash, update, and nandroid back.

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