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Droidmate brings App Ops back to Lollipop

App Ops on the Foscam appWe’ve covered Google App Ops and App Ops for root before, the short of it is it’s something that Google accidentally left in a version of Android 4.3 and 4.4 a while back that allowed you to deny an application access to a single or multiple permissions, and then they promptly disabled it but left in the code.

Droidmate’s App Ops worked fine to expose the code before, but on Android 5.0+ it wasn’t that simple. But now it is.

App Ops is back, and once again allows you to restrict what an application can and cannot do. The app appears to have two methods of getting the application access – a method which reactivates the menu by using the old method, and a new method which installs something and requires a reboot.

I attempted the old method, it didn’t work on the Android 5.0.1 GPE ROM I’m running, tried the new, it does and I now can deny applications access to things they don’t require or I don’t want them to have once again.

No longer do I have to wonder why an application is requesting to be able to see my contacts when all it’s supposed to do is modify photos, nor do I have to trust in the good intentions of a developer that says it’s just asking for those because they included some code from this that or the other.

It should be noted that if the classic method of installing App Ops doesn’t work you might want to make a nandroid backup before proceeding. While I doubt that this would tank you, it’s not beyond the realm of probability that it could happen, and better safe than sorry.

Download: Google Play


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