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What was your holiday haul?

Santa rides a V-TwinChristmas came and went, and left under the tree were tons of this year’s neatest (and most horrible) tech toys.

People have realized to not attempt to buy for me, as my tech needs are ridiculously specific, so my tech haul was limited to cutting edge socks and geeky t-shirts. But my baby managed to snag some V-Tech toys that she appears to realize are not as neat as a deactivated Android phone, and the house was filled with the sounds of small children ignoring each other while playing on their Kindle Fires and various tablets.

Minecraft and Five Nights At Freddy’s seemed to dominate the children’s discussions, along with several horrible scamware apps that looked really cool but gave away all your (parent’s presumably) information.

We’ve advanced to the first year I’ve seen children not completely miserable at a holiday gathering of adults, although being miserable at these things I think was a defining moment for me as a child. Although I would like to decry the new technology, the kids were playing with each other and responsive to the environment without asking how long until they could escape. It was a good thing, I think.

The wife’s M7 managed to take excessively purple pictures the entire Christmas getaway, and my M8 has some plastic bubbles popping up on the lens, so our pictures were best viewed heavily filtered through Instagram’s picture-mangler filters. It was a very disappointed in HTC Christmas, although I wasn’t affected by either of their service pack’s bugs.

So that was my Christmas, other than the tech bugs I’ll write about later. So how was yours? What neat tech gadgetry appeared under your tree? Alternately, what drunken in-law created drama by exploiting another’s injury? Who threw up on the carpet and blamed it on the cat? What, no, of course those things didn’t happen to me. Never.

As a side note, I’m guessing Pocketables returns to normal next week. People have been sick, traveling, and getting married, and life is returning to normal soon.

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