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Lock apps invisibly with Oops! AppLock

Oops! AppLockGoing to a lot of Christmas parties with kids and relatives, you don’t want messing with your games or email and don’t want to be the bad guy saying no? Oops! AppLock allows you to lock apps but make it look as though they’re broken by displaying either a blank or transparent screen.

The way it works is you define which applications you’re interested in locking, the presentation type (black, transparent, or image from the gallery) and then the only to unlock will be a combination of volume up or down keys.

The configuration application is accessible via a fake note editor (open note editor, enter default unlock code, AppLock config opens) so even if someone is aware you’re using an app locker it’s pretty well hidden. The application can also be set to not allow uninstalls so even if someone knows what the app is they can’t uninstall it.

There’re two versions at the moment, the one in the play store and a material design/Android L version (which is what I took the screenshots from). The Play Store version description will point you to the XDA thread with it, or you can click here.

Oops! AppLock is free for most things, but there’s a pro version unlockable from within the application for about $2.50 if you need more.

If you’re looking for a quick startup on this, install it, look for the “K Note” application, click it, press up three times, press the bottom right up arrow, choose unlocked list, swipe away any application you want to move from unlocked to locked, any of these will now be locked and can only be accessed by pressing up three times.

It’s a really great passive way to keep someone out of something they shouldn’t be into, but probably not something that would stop a dedicated person with your phone and access to Google for long.

Download: Google Play

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