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Papuh Walls brings tons of wallpapers to your phone

Papuh WallsPapuh Walls is an application that keeps up with a variety of updated wallpapers from several ROM and device manufacturers, along with over two hundred (and counting) original wallpapers for use on your device.

Among the divided choices in wallpapers, you’ve got the Android Open Kang Project wallpapers, AICP, more Dirty Unicorns action than you can shake a stick at, an entire collection devoted to mustaches because that’s evidently a thing now, solids, PAC-MAN wallpapers, a host of others and new ones fairly regularly.

This type of app is not particularly new, there have been ROM-specific versions (that maintained the ROM wallpaper) of this for a while, but these usually existed in the root world for one ROM and didn’t cross over into the non-root world (like this collection of wallpapers does). If you’ve longed for the wallpapers of the root crowd without all the rooting, well, I always figured there was one of you out there. For the rest, it’s got some really neat stuff included.

Overall it’s a pretty nice collection of maintained wallpapers and an app from a developer we’ve followed and even interviewed back in the day when we were doing those, so if you’re looking to swag up your phone the option is there.

- for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereSimply download, run, choose a wallpaper you like, apply, that’s it. No ads, no popups, just a collection of a lot of interesting wallpaper updated daily with contributions accepted by the developer.

Papuh Walls is free, there’s also a donate version if you want it but it doesn’t appear to be any different. It’s got some pretty neat stuff in it, so check it out and feel free to post your favorite here.

Download: Google Play

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