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Team Win’s Recovery Project released

TWRP new version of Team Win’s Recovery Project is out, and with it comes greater MTP support and improved Android L decryption support, along with a host of other various fixes and improvements.

The update is available on Team Win’s website, although it should be noted that the easy Goo Manager install instructions seem to be a thing of the past, so you’ll probably have to fastboot load it. Some people are also reporting in one of the threads that using Android-level firmware flashing programs fail, but your device and firmware flashing program will most likely vary.

Basically plan on downloading the image file and fastboot flashing it if you need to get this done. You’ll also want to update your ADB on your computer for some of the new sideloading enhancements.

As the update was released yesterday (at least for the One M8), unless you’re OK with being avant garde, you may want to wait a few days before rushing in to flash if you’re not currently experiencing issues with your recovery.

With TWRP being released officially on a bunch of devices, and unofficially on a hoard, there’re different potential issues for each device it’s out for, so you might want to head over to the XDA forums and find your device and see if anyone’s complaining about it.

The change log for follows:

  • MTP will now tell the host PC that storage is removed instead of disabling MTP completely
  • MTP will now report the correct max file size based on the file system in use to the host PC (may fix transfer of large files)
  • Update and improve fix permissions and make fixing contexts optional
  • Update SuperSU in TWRP to 2.40 and update install process
  • Make TWRP work properly on AArch64 (Nexus 9 is now built in true 64-bit binaries and libraries)
  • Attempt to set correct permissions and contexts on all files placed in storage so backups will show in Android
  • Fix kernel panic during MTP start on some devices
  • Support unicode fonts on devices with True Type Font support
  • Fix slider value not showing sometimes (vibration settings page)
  • Toggle MTP off during adb sideload to set correct USB IDs
  • Reduce library requirements for 5.0 L decrypt
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Note: Starting with TWRP and higher, adb sideload uses a new sideload method originally implemented in AOSP recovery. You will need the latest adb binaries to use sideload in these newer versions of TWRP. The version required is 1.0.32. You can find the version by running “adb version” on your computer. The new sideload feature no longer stores the zip on your device. Instead, a fuse file system is created in RAM and the zip is streamed from your computer. This puts less wear and tear on storage and ensures that large zips will not fill up all of your RAM. The sideload may spit an error on your PC side, but the zip should install just fine on your device.

[Team Win]
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