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Wrangle unruly WiFi with WiFi Prioritizer

WiFi PrioritizerWith the rise of nationwide multi-location access points like AT&T’s and XFinity’s WiFi hotspots, many people find themselves connecting to those when they want to connect to their home networks. Other times, your mobile device will hang on with all of its might to a connection that it can barely communicate with any more even though a perfectly clear network is available. WiFi Prioritizer is a free app that can clear this mess up.

One of the best features of WiFi Prioritizer is that it can be set to connect to one hotspot in favor of another. If you’ve had your home hotspot randomly go from being your WiFi Network to your WiFi Network and an XFinity network, you probably know the pains of coming home and trying to do something on your system only to find you’re connected to the wrong network. You can delete the nationwide one from your phone, but sometimes these are useful to have.

It can also be set to globally cut off a network when the signal strength drops to a certain point, and to only connect to a network if the signal strength has reached a certain point. This is incredibly useful when you’re in a building or a house with multiple hotspots that just aren’t that good at realizing you can’t talk to them properly. Or you just don’t want to connect to the one WiFi Hotspot that you can at 20% signal strength.

WiFi Prioritizer also has a really great feature of the ability to forcibly disconnect from a WiFi Hotspot if there’s no internet available which is perfect if you’ve only got an XFinity or ATTWIFI connection and it’s connected and just not performing, or if you’re connected to a brain dead WiFi access point.

?l=1&s=8& - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereWhatever your basic WiFi connection prioritization needs, WiFi Prioritizer probably handles them. The one thing I can find that it doesn’t handle particularly well is multiple same-SSID router fields, so if you’re looking to handle in-SSID connection point management it doesn’t seem to be able to be configured for that.

WiFi Prioritizer is free, doesn’t appear to contain adware, and it solves a pretty annoying problem of mine of requiring XFinity WiFi hotspot connections in the wild, but not where I work or near my house.

Download: Google Play

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