CES 2015, Day 1: Panasonic press conference

Panasonic press conference

Note: The internet connection at the Panasonic press conference is too slow for our live-blogging widget. Please refresh this page periodically for the latest.

10:05 – Joe Taylor, Panasonic North America CEO on stage

10:06 – Will focus on automotive business. Panasonic is #1 in supplying infotainment equipment to auto manufacturers worldwide. Will make up more than 25% of total Panasonic sales this year. Now partnering with Ford.

10:07 – Aupeo personal radio experience combines AM/FM/Internet radio. CES innovation award honoree.

10:08 – Panasonic has a rich history with battery innovation in hybrids. #1 supplier of lithium ion batteries for automotive use globally. Supports electrification of all vehicles.

10:09 – Panasonic will also work on smart scooters.

10:10 – Will join Tesla with construction of new factory outside of Reno, NV – goal is to make electric vehicles more affordable for consumers.

10:11 – Annual production of 500,000 Tesla cars by 2020.

10:12 – Julie Bower now on stage, president of Panasonic consumer electronics division.

10:17 – Parnership with Spartan for a GoPro camera competitor. Also Lifetime Fitness sponsorship.

10:18 – Two new palm-friendly 4K consumer cameras.

10:19 – Technics audio systems to ”enable a new generation of audio enthusiasts to rediscover nuances of musical performances in a new way”

10:20 – The connected home is another hot topic. Create a low-cost system to keep an eye on your home without paying a monthly fee.

10:22 – Cutesy commercial about the connected home system. Runs completely on WiFi and can be controlled by smartphone. Available now on Panasonic.com and HSN in January.

10:23 – Moving on to 4K TVs…

10:24 – Panasonic is a member of the UHD alliance. Aims to establish high quality standards from content to devices. Unvieling world’s first (?) 4K + high dynamic range content Blu-ray playe.

10:25 – Talking about TVs now…

10:26 – Panasonic collaborating with Mozilla to create new smart TV interface. Adreas Scall, CEO of Mozilla, now on video to explain. Panasonic is the first to bring Firefox OS to TVs. These TVs will be coming this spring – available on all Panasonic 4k TVs.

10:27 – Talking about the kitchen now.

10:28 – Juicers, breadmakers, microwave ovens, oh my!

(Remember, live tweeting happening now @nopking!)

10:28 – Panasonic Beauty. Free haircuts at the Panasonic booth!

10:29 – Virtual mirror. (This press conference is getting a little schizophrenic.)

10:30 – Jim Doyle on stage now. Talking about business solutions now.

That was such a disorganized, jumbled mess, Paul and I left — waiting for the Dish conference to begin now!

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