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Disconnecting one Bluetooth device using Tasker

Secure Settings configSomething I’ve had happening a lot lately is blowing through my Bluetooth in-car speakerphone’s battery in a day due to my phone not disconnecting when I go into work or my house. As audio is still playing and the connection is still established, the car speakerphone stays on, and unless someone calls and I notice there’s no audio, chances are I’m going to blow through the battery without meaning to.

But I didn’t want to just simply disable Bluetooth when I got into the house, as I’ve got household Bluetooth devices that I’m probably going to be using when I walk in the door and I also use some BT devices as Tasker triggers.

Tasker itself doesn’t appear to contain any method to disconnect a single device so I contemplated simply disabling Bluetooth and waiting for a couple of minutes before turning it on to give my car Bluetooth device time to go into sleep mode, but I ran across a plugin that handles it perfectly called Secure Settings.

Old news to Tasker die-hards I’m sure, however I’m still spending some time finding problems and solving with Tasker, so bear with me.

Once Secure Settings is installed, create a task, add a plugin task, Secure Settings, actions, BT Connection, choose which device you’re wanting to disconnect and done. Almost.

Of course you’ll need to set up a profile. For me I disconnect when I hit home or work WiFi, and my day or two battery life has once again returned back to a few weeks, although I’m betting my cat misses hearing music from my car from whatever app I just assumed I had muted.

This can also be useful for disabling one Bluetooth connection when another presents itself.

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5 thoughts on “Disconnecting one Bluetooth device using Tasker

  • Avatar of Richiczan Remus

    Hello and thanks for the tip, actually it’s working!!! I need this for my Samsung Gear S3 and my vehicle bt device. There was some conflicts but now when I’m connecting with the vehicle bt Tasker disconnects the gear and when I’m leaving the vehicle tasker reconnects the Gear. Thanks !

    • Avatar of KennyB123

      I’d love to know exactly what you did to set that up, because it appears to be different than the instructions included in this article. Think you can write a quick how-to? What you’re describing is EXACTLY what I need!

    • Avatar of KennyB123

      Never mind…figured it out!

    • Avatar of Nikolas Jost

      Hi there,

      i wanted to do exactly the same (disconnect gear when in car and vice versa) unfortunately it seems to have a trouble with it). Could you share the script?

      Many thx,


      • Avatar of Richiczan Remus

        Hi, I’ve sold my phone and lost that configuration. You can search on youtube how to create some rules based on bluetooth connection. It’s not complicate. Seatch for tasker tutorials. But remember if you link 2 or 3 devices the bluetooth becomes instabil, but you can try with tasker. Have a nice day.


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