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EZCharge Dual Pro 4.8A USB car charger review

The EZCharge is a dual high-speed USB charger that delivers up to 4.8 total amps, or 2.4amps per port for just about the fastest charge anything out there can get at the moment.

EZCharge Dual Pro 4.8AWhile fast car charging via USB isn’t a particularly new thing, what’s unique about the EZCharge Dual Pro is that your USB cables can be plugged in either way with Bracketron’s ANYWAY, thereby avoiding the Schrodinger’s USB superposition which exists until a USB stick is observed and prevents blind plugins.

This means you keep your eyes on the road if you’re fumbling with trying to plug something in as opposed to having to refocus to look at the cable and realize even though you plugged it in that other way twice and failed, that’s actually how it’s supposed to be plugged in and now for some reason it works.

Schrodinger's USB superpositionThe charger has a small light which indicates it’s plugged in and provides more light pollution to your car. It can be covered with a small piece of electrical tape and taken care of if it’s an issue for you.

Construction is nice with the areas you come into contact with being made of aluminum. This should make it quite a bit tougher than the average plastic charger, but I’m not feeling like hammer testing the thing today.

There’s not too much to report on this other than it should power through 4.8 total amps, or be able to charge two tablets simultaneously at full speed without much effort. Whether your car’s electrical system can handle it, who knows. It probably can as this is relatively low usage compared to what the power outlets are designed for.

The EZCharge  comes in four flavors which are a 1-port 1-amp (meh,) 1-port 2.4amp (cool,) dual 3.4amp (kinda cool, but 1.7amp max per channel,) and the EZCharge Dual Pro reviewed here at 4.8amps. Prices are 12.95, 14.95, 19.95, and 24.95 respectively.

EZCharge Dual Pro 4.8A packagingEZCharge Dual Pro 4.8A boxEZCharge Dual Pro 4.8A boxEZCharge Dual Pro 4.8A

If you’re a trucker, they also make a “Trucker Tough,” BulletCharger which doesn’t mention if they support the ANYWAY USB plug in. It appears to be just a more texturized version of the Dual Pro.

So remember, don’t plug in things while you’re driving, but if you do this might help out. I really hope every charger gets this just to prevent the plug in, rotate, plug in again, rotate, plug in again, look, ohhhh, plug in dance.

The EZCharge Dual Pro is available from the manufacturer’s website.

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