The OnePlus One is again available for purchase without an invite today only


Ever since OnePlus jumped onto the scene in early 2014 with its “flagship killer” mantra, the company has had its share of problems. From major PR missteps to a falling out with software partner Cyanogen, the OnePlus One has been surrounded by troubles not necessarily related to the actual quality of the smartphone.

One of the most prevalent complaints has been the availability of the device, as OnePlus opted to use a convoluted invite system in order to deal with the limited supply of hardware. However, today OnePlus is once again waiving the invite requirement for a short amount of time  in order to allow more consumers to purchase the One. From 7PM-9PM ET January 20 for those in the US, both the white 16GB and black 64GB versions of the One will be up for sale, though quantities will still likely be limited.

It has been a little while since the One could truly be considered a flagship killer, but even nine months after its release the 1080p display, 13MP camera, and Snapdragon 801 processor are hardly low-end. Especially considering that the One starts at $299 for the 16GB version and only goes up to $349 for a full 64GB, the One is definitely an option for budget conscious Android fans or perhaps those looking to replace a Nexus 5 without spending Nexus 6 money.

At this point, it seems like demand should have died down enough for OnePlus to finally do away with the invite system completely, but for whatever reason that has yet to happen. Looking ahead to the potential successor to the OnePlus One (OnePlus Two?), I certainly hope that the invite system will no longer be necessary, as it doesn’t matter how good your hardware is if no one can actually purchase it. For today, though, anyone still interested in picking up a OnePlus One without an invite can do so, even if only for a much shorter amount of time than we would like.

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