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HTC One M9 wallpapers available for download

The HTC One M9 may be a couple of weeks away, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your hands on some HTC One M9 wallpapers right now.

While there are bigger, better, and prettier wallpapers out there, if you’re wanting to get the feel of the new HTC flagship  phone you can do so now with at least four of the new wallpapers for the device.

Of the four that are available now it seems they’re going for a heavily post-processed image feel. Most of these feel like they’ve been run through Instagram and the deranged mind of a colorblind man.

HTC One M9 wallpaperHTC One M9 wallpaperHTC One M9 wallpaperHTC One M9 wallpaper

There are four images from the upcoming phone currently out there, although the HTC Source link below will be posting more as they come in. You can click any of the above pictures and save them to your computer, or tap and then long press to set as wallpaper on most phone browsers.

The wooden planks and the Heart/Bowtie image each are mirrored and flipped, which makes me wonder if there’s some sort of kaleidoscope processing in the new camera software, or if it’s completely unrelated to the phone.

The images are 1200×1066 and 24-bit color. For contrast 1080p resolution is 1920×1080, which lends a little bit toward the rumor of the display only being 1080p. My guess is they’re post-process resizing the image on the phone, that or the images that have been leaked are not final production images and are meant to throw people off the scent.

Attempted misdirection has been the name of the game this time for HTC as they’ve “leaked” images of phones that were not the M9 and have been very tight lipped on what the specs actually are. Leaking a sub-1080p wallpaper might go a long way to causing a competitor to make a series of false claims about the product and then look like an idiot. Or not. Who knows.

The end result is that with a magnifying glass on a 1080p display you could tell that a couple of the pixels of the wallpaper are the same as neighboring pixels, but you’re also using less storage and probably less runtime memory to keep the image displayed.

What’s also interesting to note is that the daytime mountain range contains mirror imaging on the sides, putting it at least at only 1094 pixels wide. So it’s probably safe to assume these images are upscaled from about 1024×768. What does that mean to you or the M9? Nothing. The images probably came from a stock photo repository, looked pretty good on the device, and were stretched slightly.

Mirror Mirror

What does this mean for the future of the M9 when using sub 1080p wallpaper? Absolutely nothing. It would be fun if we could make some sort of deal about it, but this is just something I noticed while attempting to find the dimensions of the thing. We’re not even sure this wallpaper hasn’t gone through some post leak processing, and really I’m only mentioning it because I took the 20 seconds to draw a couple of lines.

So, long story short there’s no useful information to be extrapolated about the specs of the M9 from this. The wallpapers are pretty. Download them if you like. More will be posted at the link below when they get them.

[HTC Source]
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