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Mountie laptop side-mount clip review

The Mountie by Ten One Design is a product that allows you to attach a tablet or phone to a laptop for easier use and access. It’s aimed at the iWorld, although the images you’ll see here are Android and an Acer Windows laptop, so you’re not locked into the ecosphere, just the approximate dimensions.

Mountie side-mount laptop clipThe device is basically a T shape with replaceable differently sized rubber grips on the ends that pinch down on your laptop screen and phone ir tablet. In general the pinch area is so small it will not obscure the display, however your devices may vary.

To take a call or remove the device you simply flip up the release switch on the back and you’re set.

This product can help you keep all your distractions in the same general area so you don’t have to go refocusing to look for your phone which is now sitting in a puddle of coffee. It’s also very useful if you’re trying to keep up with an app data feed and get work done on the laptop, or alternately it’s terrible because you’re watching Netflix on your phone when you’re supposed to be watching the email chain coming in.

Something to note though is there is no grip strength adjuster. You use the pad that’s the right size for your device. Use one that’s too large and you could pinch your devices. Probably not much of an issue for cell phones but a laptop screen, even the edge, might not be down with that. Another point to look at is that you can slap a tablet on there. My wife’s laptop seemed like it would tip if we tried to slap the iPad 2 on it.

Mountie clip on an HTC One

How you use it and whether it would be useful to you is obviously up to you, but it’s a great idea, a decently built product, and I think it’s pretty neat. It’s sad that they aimed exclusively at the iWorld, but I guess that’s where the money is and it’s easier to answer “will this work on a naked iPhone 5,” than “will this work on a 2010 Galaxy S3 with a Tenbolt case?”

Although add two pressure screws on the back and you’ve got a near universal fitting device. Hope they throw that or better in the next iteration as this is a useful little tool.

Mountie box2015-02-17 11.31.312015-02-17 11.36.062015-02-17 11.35.152015-02-17 11.32.40

The Mountie is available from Amazon or the manufacturer for $24.95. That a bit over where I think the price point should be for t-shaped grips, but I’m a cheapskate.

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