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Report claims iOS 8 10% less stable than Lollipop

Android eat AppleLet me preface this by saying I am indeed an Android fanboy. However, I also have a variety of iOS devices scattered throughout my house and a report saying iOS 8 is only 10% less stable than Lollipop makes me raise my eyebrows a bit. Then again my nightmarish post-7 experience with my iPad 2 may be abnormal.

A bit about the report – according to Android Authority, which didn’t link directly to it, it was done by a company called Crittercism, and monitors application crashes based on operating system. The main pullout of this was that iOS 7 had an app crash rate ~16% lower than iOS 8 and that 7 was significantly more stable appwise than the previous versions of Android.

iOS 8 has evidently been a step backwards in terms of app stability; however, there was a massive overhaul to add a ton of features, so some initial wonkiness was to be expected, although not as much I’d imagine.

Whether the old app crash rate of iOS versus Android is due to the amounts of testing before apps got into the App Store or operating system stability isn’t factored in. My bet is it had nothing to do with it as post iOS 8 I lost a lot of apps to crashing or flat-out failure to run (RIP favorite comic book reader).

What is clear, assuming the report is to be trusted, is that Apple’s upgrade has degraded at least some of the image of stability that iOS has been attempting to project. It’s also lead to greater fragmentation in the Apple arena, as 25% of capable devices are not running 8 as people refuse to adopt the new OS for reasons of stability, performance, apathy, or because of other issues.

Coming at this having watched Android evolve from Eclair to Lollipop, this isn’t a particularly huge issue when making steps this wide, but it is something Apple should work at considering they control the entire Apple ecosystem. Google had a little bit of perceived leeway among Android fans as seven thousand manufacturers made products of various performance, abilities, and problems. Apple just has itself to blame.

If you’re an Apple hater, you can take away that it’s now the least stable major operating system. If you’re not, you can take away that with great changes come growing pains and Apple has taught us a lesson to never upgrade without seeing what happens to the folks who do first. iOS 8 was a disaster, 8.0.2 has for the most part ironed out the problems I’ve experienced.

It should also be noted that for the most part these articles are going to be click bait for OS fans, so don’t fall for it… except for here… I’ll buy something nice for my baby with the extra buck fifty in ad impressions.

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