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Root 5.0.1/Sense 6 for Sprint HTC One M8 released

Android Root ToolsFluentROM has released a version of the dev-ported Android 5.0.1 Sense 6 update for rooted Sprint HTC One M8 devices.

This ROM has been running for rooted Verizon users for the past few weeks with few issues. An attempt was made to port it a couple of weeks back, but there were some issues involved with the 3G and LTE connections connecting but not transferring data. These problems resulted in it being pulled until such time as these could be fixed. They’re fixed now.

It may be a moot point for many, as the official Sense 6/Android 5.0.2 update is expected to drop for the Sprint One M8 this week; however, FluentROM has some additional tweaks and mods that make the thing quite a bit more configurable than Sense, so if you’re really wanting to experience what a modified distro will do, it’s a pretty sweet ROM to try.

I’m not personally a huge fan of Sense 6 trying to combine with Android 5. The two designs seem dichotomous. Sense just doesn’t fit well with Material Design in my opinion, but this is entirely visual commentary from a colorblind blogger who’s really into the Google stock feel as of late. If you like Sense 6 now, you’ll like it significantly more with Lollipop backing it.

I’m also not completely clear on the differences between 5.0.1 and 5.0.2, other than what’s listed on the Wiki page which are a modification to TRIM support for devices that were turned off at night, and how alarms wake the CPU. So there may be no compelling reason to not dive headfirst into the 5.0.1 waters if you’re rooted and looking for Sense.

I also can’t find if the Sprint-specific PRL, Profile, and hands-free activation features are there as my phone’s currently unavailable for flashing (I’m on call).

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