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Xposed for Lollipop evidently coming soon

Xposed on LollipopAfter the absolute bust we’ve had on two software update timetables, I vowed never again, and then the developer of the Xposed framework had to go and post a screenshot of Xposed working with ART (Android Run Time compiler) that Android Lollipop uses.

Many have been putting off upgrading to the shinier, better, Android L due to the lack of run-time customization that Xposed has offered and has been unable to offer since the decommissioning of the Dalvik runtime.

The screenshot came from the developer in a thread entitled “[Conspiracy] Xposed for Lollipop,” and he indicated that it will be soon and that it was working well already.

When? Who knows. But the fact that Xposed is coming to Android 5 is great news for modders, module developers, and more headaches for ROM developers as users blame the developers for problems introduced by Xposed modules.

There are no details on timeframe or additional features, however hopefully there will be some modifications to the system to limit what a module has access to as currently modules have no set restrictions and are theoretically capable of malicious virus-like behavior.

Then again, something that has access to modify bits of memory of other applications at runtime might not be securable. It might end up being a situation in which real security is impossible without someone manually looking at the code and giving a thumbs-up to Xposed modules.

Good news for customization however.

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