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Crazy speculation: Could Google release a dual-SIM version of the Nexus 6 for Nova?

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Here’s a crazy thought (I have a lot of those, so sometimes you’ll just have to bear with me). We all know that Google intends to launch its own wireless service, codenamed Nova, right? From reliable sources, we know that Google plans to launch this service using WiFi, along with the networks of Sprint and T-Mobile. We know that Google will launch the service with the Nexus 6, at least initially. And we know that Google intends to have its users switch seamlessly between WiFi, Sprint, and T-Mobile, based on the whichever network has the best service in a particular area at a particular time – although we don’t know how Google will manage to do that, since the required technology to switch between two entirely different cellular networks that employ entirely different network technologies doesn’t seem to exist yet.

Are you with me so far? Good.

We know that Google just launched Android 5.1, and one of the new features that Google chose to highlight is better support for dual SIM devices. Yes, I know that dual SIM support is primarily aimed for Android One handsets in developing countries, but what if Google intends to release a variant of the Nexus 6, with dual SIM slots, for use in the US with its new wireless service?

It would definitely make sense. It’s possible that a Sprint SIM and a T-Mobile SIM could both be programmed with the same Google wireless phone number, and allowing the phone to switch between the varying 1x, CDMA, EDGE, HSPA+, and LTE networks seamlessly. In fact, in my mind, it’s the easiest and simplest way to implement the vision that Google has in mind.

Granted, Google doesn’t always choose the easiest or simplest solution. And it might not be in line with Google’s ultimate intentions to launch a Nexus 6 variant. But … it’s a thought that crossed my mind, which I thought was worth exploring. What do you think?

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