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Andy Log screenIf you’ve done much ROM flashing, you probably have run into support threads that tell you to supply a logcat or don’t bother asking for support. For most who don’t deal with cutting edge development, this involves figuring out how to dump it, get it off the phone, then upload it to the support forum.

What’s worse is when you now need to include build.prop, kernel parameters, Kmsg, and a series of other files in order to help the developer figure out what’s going wrong with your device.

Andy Log cuts down on a lot of the hunt and gather by grabbing the logs and placing them into a convenient directory you can access by plugging your computer into the phone.

Choose which logs you want, and Andy Log does the rest and provides you with one big ol’ log containing hopefully everything you need to get the problem resolved.

Andy Log is the sort of application I would have expected to be baked into ROMs by now, as it’s useful in figuring out what’s going wrong, and being able to give the near-immediate debugging advice of “uninstall Xposed, try again,” without having to dance through a series of questions and grabbing this that and the other log.

Andy Log is free, requires root access as that’s the only way you can read or write the system logs. There’s a pro version available that allows you to format the logs nicer, but it’s also good if you want to support the development of incredibly useful little root tools like this.

Download: Google Play

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