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Google Wireless to only work with Nexus products

cell tower, or so they would have us believeThe new Google wireless service will be rolling out soon, but unfortunately it will only work with one device at the moment and that is the current Nexus 6, according to unnamed sources in the Wall Street Journal.

While it’s not unheard of for a carrier to limit the models of devices it allows on the network, it is a pretty interesting move and much more along the lines of something you’d expect Apple to do to limit its carrier to its product.

Most likely this is Google wireless beta-testing the service with a device it controls completely to allow rapid updates and patches, as there haven’t been a lot of MVNOs that span multiple existing carrier networks both cellular and WiFi with voice and data handoffs on at least three different networks supported.

I’m sure there will be plenty of complaining that Google isn’t allowing competitors to use their service, and I’ll probably jump on that bandwagon and agree after a reasonable Nexus 6 beta testing time has passed, but it remains to see what Google can accomplish when it controls the hardware, software, and networks.

So perhaps this is a well reasoned attempt to not fall flat on its face, or perhaps it’s a power grab to make the world’s best MVNO network that functions flawlessly but requires you play with Google’s toys.

There’s absolutely no info other than the line “…people familiar with the matter said.” So for all we really know at the moment, it’s a potential possibility that a janitor heard, and nothing’s set in stone. I wouldn’t doubt initially it would be tightly under Google’s control to beat the bugs out of the system with extreme prejudice.

Those thinking Google is evil have some ammo, those thinking Nexus is the future and Google Wireless is great your ammo’s over there, all that’s left now is to wait and see what actually is announced.

If getting the best overall experience meant you had to go to a Nexus product, would you do it?

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