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HTC CEO Peter Chou resigns, Cher Wang steps in

cher wangIf T-Mobile’s John Legere could be considered a rock star among mobile carrier CEOs in the US, HTC’s Peter Chou is the closest thing to that in the mobile phone sphere. During his time at HTC, he’s trimmed HTC’s device portfolio in order to be more profitable, he gotten the company back in the Nexus game with the Nexus 9, he made front-facing speakers mainstream, gambled (and lost) on Ultrapixel cameras, and even released the weirdly fun HTC RE. In other words, he’s not afraid to think outside the box – but unfortunately for Peter Chou’s fans, he’s resigning as the chief executive office of HTC.

So who’s stepping up to the plate? It’s none other than Cher Wang, Chou’s right-hand woman who was formerly Chairperson for HTC’s board of directors and also happens to be a co-founder of the company. She was there when Chou unveiled the HTC One M9, and we’ll be seeing a lot more of her going forward.

Apparently this change has been in the cards for years, so it’s not like Chou is being punished for any recent  missteps. And Chou isn’t leaving the company, either – he will be in charge of future development labs for the company, and he will continue to exercise a lot of influence over the phones, tablets, and accessories that HTC will manufacture going forward.

I’m excited for HTC’s future, and can’t wait to see what new ideas Cher Wang might bring to the table.

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