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HTC One M9 priced at $599, enter to win one

HTC One M9 price and contestWhile we’ve recently learned from the major tech sites that the HTC One M9 takes meh pictures in fancy locations due most likely to unfinished software, what hasn’t been announced by HTC or the carriers is the price.

You might have gotten a little bit of spam in your mailbox yesterday from HTC about a contest to win an HTC One M9. As part of the contest rules they disclosed for potential tax purposes the approximate retail value of the HTC One M9 at $599.

This falls in line with most of the previous HTC flagship phones, and means the carrier with-contract pricing will probably follow suit at $199 initially, $99 after a couple of months, and then “free,” at about five months.

I still haven’t seen an announced official release date, but I’ve been a bit busy this week trying to sell enough plasma to afford to continue working with the cutting edge of phone technology.

It feels very weird that a phone that’s got the camera people were clamoring for, 50% more RAM, the sound that made the One famous made better, nearly twice the processing power, still is being considered a letdown in terms of the devices out there. Then again, without one in my hands I couldn’t say much about whether the dissing from the big guys who got it first is warranted or not.

Anyway, you’ve got until 3/24/2015 to enter the HTC One M9 Giveaway. Give it a shot. If you’re worried about spam, simply use your Gmail account and change the email address you’re entering the contest from (for example,) [email protected] to [email protected]. You can filter it out later if HTC decides to sell your info, or they get hacked. You can read about that neat gmail trick here.

Are you planning on getting the M9?

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