Huawei announces stylish all metal Huawei Watch


We’ve already seen from the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R that smartwatches don’t necessarily have to be square in any sense of the word. Even so, the current Android Wear lineup is far from perfect, and clunky appearance is still a common complaint about smartwatches in general.

Enter the Huawei Watch, announced by the Chinese company earlier this week at Mobile World Congress along with a handful of other products. Made with an all metal stainless steel body, the device is probably the best looking Android Wear smartwatch so far. In terms of internal hardware it is similar in to existing options with a 1.4-inch 400 x 400 display protected by sapphire crystal. Somewhat concerning is the mere 300mAh battery, which is actually 20mAh fewer than the much maligned Moto 360’s battery.

Theoretically, though, the watch’s 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor should be more efficient than the unit in the Moto 360, which means that the battery life can’t really be deemed a problem yet. Also, unlike the Moto 360, the timepiece packs a gyroscope, accelerometer, heart rate monitor, and barometer into the watch without the “flat tire” that cuts into the 360’s display.

Due to the watch’s metal construction, wireless charging is not yet an option and instead a pin-type system similar to the Pebble’s is utilized to provide power. Silver, black, and gold watches will be available, paired with watch bands either made from stainless steel or leather.

Throughout this week, it was rumored that the price of this sharp-looking accessory would be in excess of $1,000. Fortunately, that is not the case, as the manufacturer has confirmed that the base model will not in fact cost $1,000. The gold version of the watch, however, will actually be plated with 3 ounces of 24 karat gold, so it certainly could exceed that mark.

For now, though, no pricing or availability information has been officially released, so there’s no telling when consumers will be able to purchase the watch or how much it will cost. The question now is what users are willing to pay for what is considered a more “regular” looking smartwatch, which we should find out soon enough.

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