Kickstarter Spotlight: MUNITIO PRO30 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

MunitioPRO30MUNITIO is a company I met at Pepcom during CES2013 who made some of the most interesting looking headphones I’d run across at that point, and they also sounded pretty great when paired with a device with a good amp behind it. In terms of earbud-wear they probably ended up being my favorite. Shortly after we featured them and ran a giveaway the company pretty much disappeared from our radar.

Unfortunately so did my MUNITIO Nines after a well-meaning friend let a less well meaning friend into my house, but that’s another story.

In 2013, after winning the Best Audio Accessory of CES Award by Techradar and getting purchased by a much larger company, MUNITIO was told by the company that owned them that they were going to move in another direction, a successful product and a company with other audio plans was told to watch from the sidelines as it was torn apart.

The founder of the company spent most of 2014 fighting to get his company back and out of limbo and in October after obtaining it, started planning a kickstarter to get them back up and running.

MUNITIO PRO30With the MUNITIO name and business contacts, a Kickstarter was formed to get a new product to market after two years of innovation silence.

The goal was $125,000 for them to complete the initial factory order of the PRO30 headphones, and with 25 days left to go they’ve surpassed that pretty soundly. Unless a lot of people scream credit card fraud or Kickstarter gets blown up like on South Park, these are going to happen.

The specs look good, without a pair on my noggin I can’t tell how well they actually do perform against actual studio headphones, and there are no specs that I can see on Bluetooth transmission protocols so I’m sure the APT-X people will be on the fence until that’s announced. The demo video is to be watched as they seem to be designed to take some real world use.

The object of the PRO30 is to bring studio quality earphones to a portable compact traveling headset that can be wired or wireless. You can read some testimonials of the PRO40 (a studio quality over-ear headset,) on the kickstarter page and hope that they’re able to deliver that level of awesome to the portable.

If you’re interested in being part of the MUNITIO comeback story head on over to kickstarter and take a look. Munitio is more than just some odd-looking earbuds, they’re a company that’s made some great sounds and have a plan.

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    Just an FYI we as backers haven’t received the product we backed and we haven’t received any for of update since mid-March of this year its been 3yrs since they first said we would be getting our products


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