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T-Mobile customers: Update to LMY47M on your Nexus 6 if you’re experiencing problems with VoLTE

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Here’s a public service announcement for all T-Mobile customers with a Google Nexus 6 by Motorola, who may have jumped the gun and installed one of the early builds of Android 5.1 on their devices (either LMY47D or LMY47DE). If you’re experiencing problems with VoLTE, definitely upgrade to LMY47M.

I had been running LMY47D since last week, but started noticing some problems with VoLTE. For instance, calls to 611 would immediately disconnect – and any subsequent call I tried to make would also not go through until I reboot the phone. Additionally, there are several spots around my city where LTE drops to HSPA+, and if I was on a VoLTE call and entered one of these areas, my call would inevitably drop – every time.

I finally decided to upgrade to the T-Mobile-specific build (even though carrier builds aren’t supposed to be a thing on Nexus devices), and lo and behold all of these problems have disappeared. Calls to 611 go through, my VoLTE calls drop to HSPA+ as they should, and I’m completely 100% happy again.

Since there’s no factory image for LMY47M yet, you’ll have to downgrade to Android 5.0.1, and then accept the OTA update from T-Mobile. However, if you’re not opposed to a few more steps, you will get a great reward for doing so.

All other Nexus 6 owners on other carriers – move along. Nothing to see here.

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