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Data drop issue plaguing some Sprint HTC One M9 users

HTC One M9There’s evidently an issue with some HTC One M9s on Sprint (at least) going around in which although there’s a data connection some applications, or in some cases some portions of an app, will simply not transfer data when connected.

The issue often occurs when on a low LTE signal sometime before switching over to 3G, but also seems to happen on an app by app basis in others. An example of this is a Facebook feed that loads, but only shows pictures on 3G or WiFi even though there’s a solid connection.

The computer tech in me thinks this might be indicative of back-end DNS issues in the Sprint Network with recently provisioned devices, although Sprint’s first line of defense was to replace people’s phones that were having the issue which is a pretty expensive attempted and failed fix.

I’m assuming this is entirely Sprint as I’m not seeing these issues reported elsewhere and I’ve experienced similar issues, although potentially not the same as LTE’s been a bad/botched rollout in my area.

Whatever the issue is, it’s frustrating to no ends to have the pinnacle of modern phone technology running on a network or operating system that for all intents and purposes is delivering significantly less than you’re expecting.

If you’ve got any updates on this, drop us a line. I’d love to see if connecting to a VPN alleviates the issues if anyone has one available to try.

[xda-developersThanks Ben!

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