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Figure out the color with Color Scanner

Color scanner complementary and similar colors screenOne of the things about being a red/green colorblind technician is that, besides being asked constantly, “Well, what do you see instead of red and green,” sometimes I’m tasked with figuring out the color of a wire, or told to get the pink one not the other shade of red one. Color Scanner helps with that along with many other things.

Most recently I was tasked with figuring out why a photo printer was printing incorrect colors, which required me getting someone to tell me what areas were messed up and why.

Color Scanner is a pretty simple application and the primary screen tells you the name of the color that is currently in the main camera’s center, and the RGB value for that color. Should you be interested in seeing more info you can also see a listing of complementary and similar colors by tapping on the name of the color.

While there are other “what color is this,” apps aimed primarily at web developers, this is the first that I ran across that has colors in mostly readable format as well as a similar and complementary color listing.

For the non-colorblind, or web developers in particular, you can get the web colors from the RGB value if you need that font to be the exact shade of robin egg blue you want it to be.

If you perhaps want to show someone a dress’s coloring, you can do that in a plain easy to understand fashion.

Color Scanner on The Dress

It’s a pretty useful tool also when I’m attempting to figure out if my child is turning pink from too much sun/heat since as a two year old she’s not particularly inclined to tell me.

Color Scanner has one problem that I’ve noted – it crashes on Sense if you’re attempting to load from the gallery. If that worked it would be a near perfect program as it does what it says it will, is free, and is simple and easy to use for a colorblind person. Maybe if enough people start reporting that the app will get updated as it hasn’t in quite a while.

It still won’t tell you when you shouldn’t go out dressed like you are, but at least you’ll know what colors you’re wearing if you’re unable to see them.

Download: Google Play

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