OnePlus delays OxygenOS and CM12 updates, releases drone


No, that headline isn’t another April Fools joke. OnePlus, which has been in the unenviable position of having to support not one but two different ROMs for its flagship smartphone, was unable to meet its release deadlines for both the company’s own OxygenOS and the official CyanogenMod 12 update.

Both ROMs were supposed to be released in the past week, with OxygenOS’s initial release scheduled for March 27. In an official forum post, the Head of Mobile Product at OnePlus explained that the holdup with OxygenOS was not due to any major functional problems, and instead the delay stems from waiting for an official Google certification for the ROM. Even so, the team kept its promise of giving away five phones to forum users due to the delay, and is posting daily forum updates to keep users informed about the status of the software.

Because nothing can seem to go right for OnePlus, yesterday’s forum update addressed the additional official CyanogenMod 12 OTA update for the One. Naturally, it too is being delayed, and apparently the holdup is official Google certification as well. Fortunately, CM12 nightlies have been available for rooted users who don’t want to wait, but they are hardly an official solution.

As of today, we still don’t know any exact dates for when either ROM will be released, though according to the forum it will be at least a few days before either is ready. It is worth mentioning again that OnePlus has to deal with releasing two simultaneous updates, and that even the biggest manufacturers have had trouble getting OTAs out in the past. Still, that doesn’t make the wait any less frustrating for One users, and this situation provides another example of the troubles that can be encountered when purchasing from a newer company.

Of course, this news wouldn’t be complete without mentioning OnePlus’s April Fools stunt, the over exaggerated release of a small OnePlus branded drone. Though the grandiose product pitch was part of the joke, the company actually did sell a number of the tiny drones throughout the day.

Disappointingly, the drones cannot actually be controlled through a smartphone, and in fact have already sold out. So, if you were hoping to get a OnePlus drone to pass the time until the Lollipop updates arrive, even that isn’t an option.

However, there is a way around at least one of these problems. The generic version of the OnePlus drone in question can be found on Amazon, sans branding, and you don’t even need an invite to buy it. As for the updates, we just have to wait.

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