Pebble, G Watch, and Moto 360 get cheaper as Apple Watch preorders begin


As some readers may know, the Apple Watch went up for preorder earlier today. Naturally, the smartwatch with an impressive 18 hour battery life has already sold quite well. In potentially related news, several other smartwatches have gone on sale for much less than the $349 Apple product.

First up is the Moto 360, the first Android Wear product that actually looked something like a normal watch. The originally $250 watch is down to a reasonable $180 from Amazon and several other retailers. It gets even better if you are a student, as Best Buy is currently offering an additional $25 off of the 360, making the watch a mere $155.

Already one of the cheapest smartwatches available, the original Pebble has also become slightly more affordable. As of now on Pebble’s website, the watch is going for just $90, though once again this is for the first generation product, not the Pebble Time or Steel. It isn’t the cheapest the Pebble has been, but it is still a good price for a solid smartwatch.

The best deal of the day, though, must be the LG G Watch at $50 from AT&T. However, it is also the sale that is going to be the most difficult to take advantage of. The reason for the extremely low price is that AT&T is apparently clearing stock on the watch, so it is sold out online and likely in most retail outlets. Even if your local AT&T is sold out, there is a chance that you will be able to get Best Buy to match AT&T’s listed price, but either way it will likely take some work to end up with a G Watch at this price.

Though it would certainly seem that there is some connection between these changes and the Apple events of the day, Pebble has already released its second generation smartwatch, and the speculation is that Motorola will do the same sometime this summer on a one year release cycle. Even so, all of the watches in question are still very good, and may just find some interested buyers at these lower-than-Apple prices.

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