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Verizon customer service evidently is that bad

Verizon WirelessAccording to, a 50-something grandmother called Verizon Wireless last year to straighten out a billing problem in the amount of $60, and ended up being threatened with arrest and suffering a heart attack after being told police were on the way.

The mixup seems to have been in the transition between a CSR and a supervisor in which instead of sending the info that there was a customer who had been promised something by another rep that wasn’t delivered on, the supervisor received that the customer had threatened the CSR with violence.

After dealing with an irate supervisor the woman felt lightheaded, sat down and waited for police. Two hours later after waiting anxiously for the cops to show, she received a call from the supervisor that there had been a terrible mixup after the supervisor listened to the original audio, apologized for the miscommunication, but did not issue her the $60 credit.

Feeling bad enough to visit a doctor the next day an EKG revealed she’d suffered a heart attack, which resulted in a $60,000 hospital stay and a potential for $120,000 more in monitoring and medication now that she’s had a heart attack.

There’s obviously a lawsuit in the works at this point for more than $60, and this was all recorded so there won’t be any doubt as to the events that transpired, unless Verizon somehow loses the recording.

It will be interesting to see this play out in court, and it will go to court unless Verizon wants to change its slogan of “Never Settle.”

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