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HiSmart bag - I actually really like this company, there's no particular interest on my part to see this individual product succeed, but Lepow's given me two great chargers and I've liked the people I met at PepcomHiSmart is a crowdfunded wearable product by Lepow, the makers of one of my favorite chargers. It reached its funding goal in a mere 30 hours and doubled it in a week. At the moment it’s nearly six times the funding they wanted, it was the best wearable campaign on Indiegogo, and the product’s rolling or about to.

I’ll probably be reviewing the product in bit when it actually comes out, however they’re running a contest at the moment that expires before I have a chance to see whether it’s cool or not, and I’ve been asked nicely to invite you to enter to win an Apple Watch and a HiSmart bag from a contest they’re running.

They’ve had two quality products they gave us, I’m inclined to believe the next one has a good chance of being quality as well, and there’s an Apple Watch thrown in.

The idea behind the HiSmart bag is a messenger bag or backpack (it transitions between the two,) with multiple controls that connect to your phone allowing you to leave the phone in the bag or pocket and do common and custom phone actions without retrieving the device.

HiSmart controlsAbove: one of two remote controls on the HiSmart bag

Whether this is particularly useful is entirely up to you. Their choice to do a giveaway of an Apple Watch, which would seem to do all the same functions as the HiSmart bag (except for holding things,) does leave me scratching my head a bit at the pairing. Perhaps it’s marketing’s idea to get it associated with the hot Apple product at the moment.

Whatever the case, it’s an opportunity to win something free, although you will need either a Facebook account or an email address to use for contact purposes. You also get some additional chance to win if you subscribe to their newsletter. but it’s not particularly spelled out well.

HiSmart buddy

I saw a prototype of this at Pepcom in January, and the pitch seemed interesting. I believe it’s primarily aimed at phone addicts in denser urban areas or college campuses, but it’s been a few months since I talked with them in Vegas, and I’ve slept a couple of times since then so memory is fuzzy.

I was under the impression that Lepow was more of a portable charger company than remote gadgetry company, but times change I guess. I don’t think the bag will recharge your phone, but that would be a nice feature.

Anyway, as of this writing there’s 19 days left to enter to win roughly $700 worth of stuff. This contest has no affiliation with Pocketables – this is just a chance to win something before I have a chance to review it from a company that’s been good so far.

[HiSmart blog]
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