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Android 5.1/Sense 7 ROM released for HTC One M9

Android 5.1 on the HTC One M9Maximus HD ROM has done something fairly interesting and released an Android 5.1 base ROM with Sense 7.

Most of the HTC One M9s out there are sporting a 5.0.1 or 5.0.2 version number while waiting for HTC to stop releasing more minor patches for the camera and get around to the OS side of updates.

This ROM requires S-OFF to get to the leaked international firmware revision 2.7.401.1, a full wipe, and the bones of a chicken scattered around your fast USB charger. It’s a little more commitment than your average ROM flash, but when you’re on the bleeding edge you tend to bleed.

It’s got bugs listed in the support threads too, such as OK Google not working, but it was just released yesterday, so there’re going to be some issues. Let others be guinea pigs if you’re wanting something completely perfect.

As it’s running on the leaked international firmware, there’s an extremely good chance this is not going to work on CDMA networks (Verizon, Sprint,) but I’m a bit too skittish today to test that theory (have a class in an hour, been sick for a couple of days, I’ve lost my Root-Fu this week).

Skimming through the forums it appears that 5.0.2 T-Mobile firmware might work for it as well, and some are saying it runs a little hotter and uses more battery. Then again if you’re looking at a new ROM you’re probably going to be using more juice in general.

Android 5.1 adds official support for multiple SIM cards, the ability to join WiFi networks and pair BT devices from quick settings without opening another menu, HD Voice calls between compatible 5.1 devices, the somewhat reintroduction of silent mode that was removed in Android 5.

It also has device protection, a thing I ran into recently on the Nexus device I owned for a day in which if a device is lost or stolen it will remain locked and listed as the original owner’s even if factory reset.

While I don’t see whether this is implemented fully, that particular feature can be a real pain… I’m pretty sure if you’re S-OFF on HTC that wouldn’t be a problem to get around, but we’ll see.

In the meantime, if you try out Maximus HD running Android 5.1, drop us a line and let us know how it works for you.

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