My predictions for T-Mobile’s upcoming Uncarrier Amped

Uncarrier Amped

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has once again taken to Twitter to announce the next big Uncarrier event, set to start June 25 and presumably last a few days. Here’s just some of what he’s been tweeting:

From these tweets, it’s pretty obvious that we shouldn’t expect any groundbreaking new announcements, like the elimination of taxes and fees on customers’ monthly bills. (Even though that’s something a lot of us have wanted for a really long time!) Instead, Legere is saying that we should expect some of the previous Uncarrier announcements to somehow be improved upon.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Uncarrier 1.0 was the announcement of Simple Choice plans. The base plan originally started with 500MB of included high speed data. It was later bumped up to 1GB. Could T-Mobile bump it up again – this time, maybe it will offer 2GB of data on the entry-level plan?
  • Uncarrier 2.0 was JUMP! T-Mobile later decided that JUMP! was a bit too generous, and revised the phone upgrade plan so that customers would have to pay off at least half of a phone before being allowed to jump. (Previously, customers were allowed to jump twice a year, regardless.) Maybe T-Mobile will change JUMP! again, to make it a bit more generous once more.
  • Uncarrier 3.0 was Simple Global, the ability for customers to roam internationally for practically nothing. Maybe this time, T-Mobile will increase the throttled speeds from 128kbps to 256kbps. There are also whispers of decreasing the $0.20 per minute charge for voice calls. Personally, I think T-Mobile will keep the $0.20 minute charge for outgoing calls only, and make incoming calls free.
  • Uncarrier 5.0 was all about VoLTE. Maybe T-Mobile will announce some new LTE roaming agreements. Wouldn’t it be awesome to roam on Verizon’s VoLTE network?
  • Uncarrier 6.0 brought us Music Freedom. Maybe T-Mobile will announce even more music services. Some people are calling for Video Freedom for sites like YouTube and Netflix, but I think this would be a strain on the network.
  • Uncarrier 7.0 guaranteed advanced WiFi calling to every new T-Mobile smartphone sold. I’d like to see T-Mobile stop charging for international calls made over WiFi.
  • Uncarrier 8.0 introduced Data Stash, but unlimited users are left out of the party. Perhaps T-Mobile could let unlimited users stash away unused hotspot data!
  • Uncarrier 9.0 was all about discounts for small businesses. What about discounted for long term loyal customers? Now is the perfect time to introduce a new loyalty program.

What do you think? What would you like to see from T-Mobile?

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