T-Mobile’s Uncarrier Amped, part 1: JUMP! On Demand

jump on demand

T-Mobile is starting early with the Uncarrier announcements today, and it appears that rather than having a big press event, the carrier’s CEO John Legere will be making most of the announcements on Twitter.

The first part of Uncarrier Amped is JUMP! On Demand.

Shortly after posting the above tweet, T-Mobile posted a press release that details all the fine print. Basically, here’s what’s up:

  • Customers will now be able to upgrade up to three times a year with zero down. You won’t even have to pay sales tax, and you don’t have to pay $10/month for the privilege (although the old JUMP! plan will still exist, if you want it).
  • You will have to trade in your old device in order to utilize JUMP! On Demand.
  • Unlike traditional equipment installment plans, and JUMP! 2.0, this is a phone lease program – so you won’t technically own the device if you take advantage of this.
  • T-Mobile says all of its most popular smartphones will be available with JUMP! On Demand. It also says your monthly payments for these devices will be about the same as it would be with regular financing.
  • T-Mobile is running a deal now in which you can get the iPhone 6 for only $15/month. T-Mobile says this is the cheapest way to get an iPhone now.
  • Payments will last for 18 months. At the end of the 18 months, you can either turn your phone in and pay nothing more, upgrade your phone and start a new plan, or make a final payment and keep your phone. (The final payment will equal the remaining balance as if you were paying retail for the phone.)
  • You can only use JUMP! On Demand in stores. For online purchases or telesales, you’ll have to use JUMP! 2.0, Score, or just purchase it outright.
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