Bobine Watch Charging Stand for Apple Watch review

Bobine Watch Charging Stand by FUSE ChickenWhen the Apple Watch came about, there were many complaints, but what I have heard most annoying is that when you’re charging it, it’s pretty much useless. The Bobine Watch charging stand, however, can display your watch in a useful elevated location while you’re charging it off of your computer, or wall outlet, which keeps it in the game even when it’s off your wrist.

With a price tag of $25 I thought this was a pretty decent deal, but with it not including a charger that thought faded. You use your own charger, it clips in nicely, and then create a coil shape to position your watch wherever you want it.

I don’t have a problem with them not including the stand, but with “charging stand” in the title it does get a little iffy. They do mention it prominently on the front of the package that this is a “Bring Your Own Cable” device, and tout it as reduce and reuse. But it feels like it’s attempting to create buzzwords to compensate for the lack of a device to power your watch.

One of the things that the Bobine iPhone stand/cable did wonderfully was to be a two in one device. The cable was a charging cable and a display for the iPhone. It put it where you needed to see it and charged it. The Bobine Watch stand doesn’t have that combination effect, and you end up with a coil that holds an Apple Watch charger, and then its cable dangles off to the side separately, the Apple Watch then dangles with the wristband looking pretty meh and you have a pretty sloppy piece of charger art unless you want to buckle the watch up and do some cable hiding.

Bobine Watch Charging Stand by FUSE ChickenBobine Watch Charging Stand by FUSE ChickenBobine Watch Charging Stand by FUSE ChickenBobine Watch Charging Stand by FUSE Chicken

What is cool about the Bobine Watch stand is that you can coil it up and take it anywhere. What’s not cool is that although designed to be taken anywhere, with a cable dangling and a high center of gravity you’re creating the perfect coffee shop nightmare of someone snagging it and the charging cable while trying to simply get by.

It also includes a car mount for the cable that allows you to place and charge the Apple Watch within your field of vision.

We tested this for a couple of days, didn’t hate it, but decided it’s a very portable bendable arm with something to hold a charger that you supply, and not much else. In the realm of charging stands that I’ve seen and played with so far (this is two out of three,) it wins at portability, is about average for price, but overall I’m a little concerned with stability at much past three inches off the ground.

The Bobine Watch Charging Stand for Apple Watch is available from Amazon for $24.95.

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